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This requires developing your own clear vision of where you want to go. You must be able to describe this future to others in simple language and you can provide meaningful guidance regarding how you will move forward to achieve it. Obviously, if you want to achieve something in life, firstly you must have a smart goal and then a SPECIFIC direction which you can follow to achieve that goal. Now, what is a goal? A goal is an outcome, something that will make a difference as a result of achieving it. It can't be too ambitious to be out of reach, but also not so simple that it does not challenge. A goal has to be realistic with a stretch, requiring effort and focus to achieve it. Now, ask yourself these questions. What I want to achieve in my life? What steps will be required to achieve that goal? Which things my goal demands from me now? Have I planned anything or doing anything that will aid me in future to achieve my goal. Now, I am sure you will not have a valid answer of all these questions. Think of this for a moment, if you are not able to answer then how come will you reach at your destination in future?? You are just heading NO WHERE and won’t achieve a BIG thing in your life.

Life gets a lot easier to deal with when we understand this (relate this with setting a direction in life):
Imagine you’re blindfolded and treading water in the center of a large swimming pool, and you’re struggling desperately to grab the edge of the pool that you think is nearby, but really, it’s not-it’s far away. Trying to grab that imaginary edge is stressing you out, and tiring you out, as you splash around aimlessly trying to holding on to something that isn’t there.
Now, imagine you pause, take a deep breath, and realize that there’s nothing nearby to hold on to. Just water around you. You can continue to struggle with grabbing at something that doesn’t exist… or you can accept that there’s only water around you, and relax, and float. You will reach at the edge only if you float towards the edge smoothly by following a specific direction.

Hence, take a DEEP breath and relax. Try to first realize what is your aim and interest. Then check about your circumstances. Whether your circumstances will allow you to work in the future? If the answer is NO, then plan something else (as you will end up splashing at the center of the river and will never reach at the edge). If YES, then start working on your goal from TODAY. You must develop a PATH which you will follow to achieve it. It is every step that counts. Years from now you will have your dream come true if you developed a SPECIFIC/RIGHT path and then followed it too afterwards. Remember, tomorrow’s progress is always compounded by today’s effort, no matter how small.

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Written by: Mubasher Saleem 

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