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The point of discussion is, are we selecting fields according to our interest and desires or just following the trend (which is Medical and Engineering) ? Just spare a moment and think what are you studying and why? Is this because you are an intelligent student (as intelligents students are ought to follow trend) ? Your family, your parents want from you to pursue Medical or Engineering? Or you feel that only these two professions guarantee a happy life? Societal pressure has led you to think of these two fields only? Wait, if you are doing this, you are on wrong track and will possibly stuck in between. You have to first make a choice what matters most to you. It is you who will study, who will spend rest of your life in the field. You will pursue a field without considering that whether you are passionate about it or not? You will let others to make decision of your life or you will think wisely and decide which suits you the most. Others might think that you can be a good Doctor or an Engineer (people love to give opinions). Listen to your heart. If it says that you have the potential of becoming a good Programmer or let’s say an Accountant opt it without a second thought. 
جنہیں جستجوء سکون رہا ,انہیں ساحلوں نے ڈبو دیا 
انہیں کوئی موج چھو نہ سکی جو تڑپ کر پار اتر گئے 
Think about this. Why are we lacking in research area and not excelling in the fields we choose? The reason is that we are just cram following and not thinking out of the box. Pursue the field which you feel you are best in. The field which you enjoy and love while learning. Keep this thing in mind, you can excel only in the field if you have interest in it. Go for passion and INTEREST and not for money. Make a wise decision today. Money is not the end, its happiness/contentment for which we all strive and live. You will only achieve this when you will follow your interest your passion and your love.
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Written by: Iqra Fatima


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