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Article 4: Power Of Positive Mental Attitude(PMA)

In my short span of life, I have experienced a number of ups and downs. What help me to servive in every thick and thin is Positive Mental Attitude. It taught me to be optimistic when I hardly saw any ray of hope in my life. It also taught me to be humble and thankful to my Lord when He bestowed me with success and fame.

What will PMA do for you?
A positive mental attitude allows you to build on hope and overcome despair and discouragement. By developing and possessing PMA, you will find your state of mind is consistently wholesome, healthy, and productive in your reactions to other people and in choosing actions that will lead you to whatever worthy things you want in life.

If you are serious in adopting a Positive Mental Attitude in your life from now onwards, then you are coming to the end of an old way of living and are soon to embark on a new beginning. Starting now, you will be casting off old, energy-draining, negative ways of looking at the world, replacing them with the irresistibly exhilarating life that comes with a Positive Mental Attitude. 
Lets start with the basics and think about the following points just now:
1. Recognize that you have a God-given creative power within you.
2. Develop the control of your emotions so that you can always direct their creative power for your own good.
3.Eliminate all the negative attitudes that have resulted from your wrong reaction to past experiences. 
4. Overcome your fears.
5. Picture only good things happening to you.
6. Stop brooding over your past failures and tragedies and stop causing them to be repeated in your life.
7. Direct your strongest feelings and desires toward the things you truly want in life.
8. Never knowingly use the creative power of PMA for selfish or evil purposes, knowing that the misuse of it can cause it to destroy you and all that you value.

A man is known by the company he keeps. So, In the end, decide yourself who would you rather spend time with?

● Someone who is pessimistic, suspicious, and sullen, always sure that the only cloud in the sky heralds a hurricane??
● Someone who is optimistic, confident, and gregarious, always able to tackle a problem, find a solution, and maximize the benefits?

Think about it!!!

Written By : Muhammad Shafique 



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