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How do you feel you are? Feeling yourself on the verge of chaos? Havocking pressure is demolishing your strengths? Are you losing faith in yourself just because you failed the first step to achieve your goal? Question arises, why do you feel this particular way?

Suppose, if you desire to be a professional cook and on the very first opportunity, you’ve burnt those patties that were to be presented inside a crabby patty. Or you want to be a social influencer but you are camera shy? So, you think you can never achieve that? Or you give an exam, you’ve scored well in your first attempt but others have scored extra-ordinary so you think that you are a failure? Or you don’t have enough abilities and you start to mourn over it.

Here you are, you are entrapped in your OWN thoughts. Your overthinking has led to your devastation. 
A person having a better skill in something or he has scored better than you or he is better in athletes doesn’t show how less your capability is. Neither people surrounding you are perfect nor you. Every person has some pros and cons so you have! 
Now just chin up, your delinquency might prove as your turning point! All you have to do is to change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Have believe in yourself that you can do what you desire for.

You’ve to keep faith in yourself while endeavoring to reach your goal. “fall seven times, stand up eight” But you must have to show faithfulness towards your commitment to yourself. May the odds be in your favor!

Written by :- Laiba Saqib


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