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Impact I:  Career Counselling Sessions

Education Organization

Impact I is focused on career counselling. We have a team of students from LUMS, GIKI, NUST, UET, FAST and...who guide the students about career opportunities and share their experiences. They also guide the students about what path they should follow according to their interest and passion.

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Community Organization

Impact II is aimed at improving the soft skills of the students. We teach them to improve their communication, team work and problem-solving skills. We also try to make them aware of and realize the importance of self-motivation, leadership, responsibility, decisiveness, flexibility and ability to work under pressure and time management.

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Top Charity Organizations

Impact III consists of different aptitude session including;

  1. Critical Thinking

  2. General Knowledge

  3. World and Local History

  4. Social and Regional Issues

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Developing Youth

DYA has been helping financially crippled students and families since its inception. We arrange donation drives and fundraising campaigns to arrange money for these purposes. We arrange money for the families for three purposes:

(i) Educational Expenses

(ii) Medical Expenses

(iii) Loans

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Impact II:  Soft Skills Development

Impact III:  General Aptitude Sessions

Impact IV:  Fund Raising and Donation Drives

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