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Comparison of student with others

"Apnai cousin say sabak seekho, pehli class say first aa raha hai"

Every Pakistani student has listened to this compliment from his/her parents at least once in his/her lifetime. We compare our children with others and run behind good figures instead of learning and skills. Do you ever think, how negatively it affects the thinking capability of children? They start considering themselves inferior which doesn't let them explore their natural skill of doing a particular thing in which they are best.

This video represents the side of the students. How do they feel? What this comparison has an effect on them? Why their efficiency continuously decreases when they are exposed to criticism?

We have already represented the side of parents as well. In case you have not seen that video, click on the link to know that side of the picture as well.

Watch this video to understand the matter completely. Please do share so that most people can get benefit of it.

Video Credits:- Eman Fatima

#Effectsofcomparison #StopComparing #CreatingtheImpact #CreatingtheFuture #DYA

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