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Social Media Campaigns

Along with conducting sessions in different institutions to create an impact in our society, we also have taken up this challenge to contribute through social media in order to engage with a bigger audience. We have a team who put in efforts to make videos and write blogs to point out certain existing issues in our society.

Video Campaigns

We have a creative strategy of video making in which we involve children and teens because they can present the picture of a children’s psychology in a better way than any adult. Through our video campaigns we point out certain issues pertaining to a student's life and then we present their solutions as well so that others can think about too. By doing this we want to spread awareness among young students about the problems they face throughout their academic journey.

Click here to see our previous videos.


We have a team of amazing bloggers who utilize their writing skills to write creative and innovative stories, articles, narratives, anecdotes, poems, descriptive and short pieces of writings to create an impact in society.

Click here to see our previous blogs.

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